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T series Gas Furnace Thermocouple

The conductor of our T series gas furnace thermocouple is copper tube which provides small internal resistance. This type k thermocouple is more flexible and durable, and features wider applications.

Samples Show
  • T11 Gas Furnace Thermocouple
  • T21 Gas Furnace Thermocouple
  • T22 Gas Furnace Thermocouple
  • T31 Gas Furnace Thermocouple
  • T32 Gas Furnace Thermocouple

Generic parameters for copper tube type thermocouple:
No-load electric potential: ≥12mV (650℃)
Internal resistance: 5~50±3mΩ
Overall length:20~1800mm, or custom length.

Jiali could supply custom products with different properties according to customers’ requirements.

Air valve connectors, compression fitting adapters, end connections and frequently used connecting wires are listed as follows:

Air valve connector (Cold end):
M8×1, M9×1, M10×1, 11/32-32 double threaded, 7/16-27 (According to customers’ requirements)

Compression fitting adapter (Hot end):
Compression fitting adapters in hot end are mainly designed with different structures and sizes to meet customers’ requirements. And they are mainly made of brass. Commonly speaking, they are always divided into two categories, including clamping type and screw thread type.

Clamping type: >Ф4

Screw thread type: M6/M8/M10,S8/S10/Ф6~Ф10

Other end connections: (such as anti-tilt switch)

Frequently-used connecting wires:
Frequently-used connecting wires mainly include copper pipes, silk-covered wires, tinned copper wires and bare copper wires, ignition wires and etc.

  • Copper pipe
  • Silk-covered wire
  • Tinned copper wire
  • Bare copper wire
  • Ignition wire
Jiali’s gas furnace thermocouples are mainly used in following appliances:
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