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Gas Furnace Thermocouple

Gas furnace thermocouple is usually used with electromagnetic valve to form a flameout production device for gas appliances. The thermal couple is a flame sensor capable of providing micro electric power and the solenoid valve is a control component. As one point of the thermocouple is heated by flame, it will produce an electric potential and thereby form a closed loop current which, combining the magnetic field excitation, enables the solenoid valve to open and keep the gas flow smooth and unblocked. When the flame is extinguished, electric potential disappears immediately, and in this case, the solenoid valve will reset and close the gas circuit, thus ensuring reliable safety.
Pure copper is used as the conductor material and improves the electric conductivity of our product. This is more cost effective.
The insulating layer of our electric wire & cable is of uniform thickness and this makes our product safer and more durable.
The wire coat of our product remains intact after the low-temp winding test.

Structure (Hot End)
Our gas furnace thermocouple is designed with different structures and sizes to meet customer’s needs. It is often made from brass. Commonly used wires include copper tube, silk covered wire, tin plated bare copper wire, bare copper wire, ignition wire, etc.

The gas furnace thermocouple from Jiali is available in four kinds: General wire type (C series), Copper tube type (T series), Double-end general wire type (SC series), no fitting type (R series)

Application Range:
Natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)

Technical Parameters of the Gas Furnace Thermocouple
Heating characteristic(650℃):≥18mV 
Cooling characteristic: ≤1.5mV
Internal resistance: 5-50±3 mΩ
Length: According to customer’s needs
Gas valve connector (Cold end): M8*1, M9*1, M10*1, 11/32-32 double thread screw, 7/16-27 (or as customer request)
Certificates: CSA, CE, etc.