Gas Heater ODS Pilot Assembly (Oxygen Depletion Sensor)

ODS, short for oxygen depletion system, is a pilot assembly used for gas fire safety. It is mainly composed of thermocouple, ignition system, pilot flame burner, gas valve, etc. The ODS pilot assembly is mainly used for gas heater which is fueled by natural gas and LPG.

Working Principle
The gas heater ODS pilot assembly is installed in the indoor place. As the oxygen content in air reaches 19.5-19.7% and CO2 concentration is up to preset 0.8-1.3%. The flame will not be stable. As the result, the thermocouple can not get the temperature for generation of current so that the gas value will cut off the gas supply.

Therefore, the core technology of gas heater is reflected in the precision manufacturing technology of ODS. Meticulously manufactured, the pilot assembly ensures less prone to parts replacement or maintenance. If it is necessary to replace parts, it is better to change the whole system. In regular inspection of gas heater, compressed air should be used to remove the dust and foreign matters in the burner. Needles or iron wire is forbidden to do that.

Technical Parameters:
Parameters for oxygen depletion system Generic parameters:
CO2 fluctuation: < 0.3% (such as 0.8% ~ 1.1%) No-load electric potential: ≥12mV (650℃)
O2 fluctuation: < 0.5% (such as 19.2%~19.7%) Internal resistance: 5~50±3mΩ
CO fluctuation: < 50ppm Overall length: 150~1600mm,or custom length

Advantages of our Pilot Assembly
1. CO2 control at oxygen depletion place:< 0.3%(Under same humidity:0.8~1.1%)
2. Expect LPG (or Propane/Butane), we also produce ODS for NG gas heater
3. CSA certificate
4. Five patents, one utility model patent and 4 invention patents

Available gases:
They are mainly used in gas heaters, and the available gas sources mainly include natural gas, liquefied gas, propane and butane.

Jiali could supply custom products with different properties according to customers’ requirements.

Air valve connectors, compression fitting adapters, end connections and frequently used connecting wires are listed as follows:

Air valve connector (Cold end):
M8×1, M9×1, M10×1, 11/32-32 double threaded, 7/16-27 (According to customers’ requirements)

Other end connections: (such as anti-tilt switch)

Frequently-used connecting wires:
Frequently-used connecting wires mainly include copper pipes, silk-covered wires, tinned copper wires and bare copper wires, ignition wires and etc.

  • Copper pipe
  • Silk-covered wire
  • Tinned copper wire
  • Bare copper wire
  • Ignition wire
Jiali’s gasheater ODS pilot assembles are mainly used in following appliances:
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