Gas Pilot Burner

A gas pilot burner assembly is a thermoelectric safety device used in a standing pilot system. Composed of thermocouple, igniter and pilot burner, it is used for ignition protection and flameout protection purposes.

1. Safety
Gas pilot burner exerts an outstanding flameout protection function.

2. Energy Efficiency
It can automatically adjust the flame size without manual operation, thus ensuring high energy efficiency.

Technical Parameters
Hating characteristic:≥12mV (within 20s, at 650℃)
Cooling characteristic: ≤1.5mV (within 60s)
(Adjustment available for a perfect matching with the activation and closing of solenoid valve)
Internal resistance: (10-50) ± 3mΩ
Wire Length: 150mm (5.9") ~ 1800mm (71")

The length could also be customized.

Jiali could supply custom products with different properties according to customers’ requirements.

Available air valve connectors and end connections are listed as follows:
Available gases:

Available gases:
They are mainly used in gas heaters, and the available gas sources mainly include natural gas, liquefied gas, propane and butane.

Air valve connector (Cold end):
M8×1, M9×1, M10×1, 11/32-32 double threaded, 7/16-27 (According to customers’ requirements)

Other end connections: (such as anti-tilt switch)

Jiali’s gas pilot burners are mainly used in following appliances:
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