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Gas Safety Electromagnetic Valve

At Jiali, as a prominent gas appliance parts supplier, we offer a wide range of gas safety electromagnetic valves for perfect gas controls. They are connected to a thermocouple to serve as a thermocouple tester. According to different connection methods to the thermocouple, our electromagnetic valve is divided into push in, flange and screw types.

The gas safety electromagnetic valve is mainly used on the gas appliances fueled by natural gas, LPG, artificial coal gas, etc. including both household and industrial appliances such as gas stoves, gas heaters, gas ovens and others. It is used as a gas safety device, featured by no need of power supply, stable performance and long service life.

Working Principle
a. As the gas appliance works, the thermocouple tip is heated by a flame and creates a small electric current which flows along the wire to an electromagnetic coil inside the valve. Then the coil generates a magnetic field to hold the valve open and keep normal gas flow.
b. As the flame is extinguished, the current that thermocouple generates will fall, making the magnetic field disappear and valve springs shut, thus stopping gas flow and preventing gas leakage.

Performance Requirements
1. The electromagnetic valve is suitable for controlling artificial coal gas, LPG, natural gas, among others.
2. Main coil current for valve open≤100mA, main coil current for valve close≥20mA; Secondary coil current for valve open≤30mA, Secondary coil current for valve close≥3mA;
3. Under 20℃, the internal resistance of main coil is 28±10%mΩ and the internal resistance of secondary coil is 2.5±10%Ω.
4. As fully compressed, the spring force is up to 2.6N±10%.
5. Operating temperature ranges from -10℃ to +80℃.
6. Under a normal temperature of 20℃ and a gas pressure of 15KPA, permissible gas leakage is less than 0.02cc/mi as the electromagnetic valve is closed. 
7. Compression value of the gas safety electromagnetic valve is 29.1±0.4mm and free length 33±0.6mm.
8. Performance is unchanged after 30000 times of open and close test.