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Gas Control Thermostatic Valve (Gas Fireplace Thermostat, Gas Stove Thermostat)

Gas control thermostatic valve features single knob control for turning burner on or off and setting temperature. It is designed with flame-out protection device, restart self locking unit, on-off thermostat, pressure regulator and flow regulating device. Based on customers needs, the gas control device can be optionally provided with piezoelectric igniter, with pilot flame gas flow and maximum and minimum pressure of main gas path can be adjusted. Two groups of gas inlet and outlet on both side surface and bottom of the thermostatic valve provide convenience for fast and reliable installation.

Sealing Material
Nitrile rubber buna, providing excellent water resistance, gas tightness and superior adhesive property

Technical Parameters
Temperature control range: 13℃-38℃ (or as per customer’s request)
Gas inlet: 1/2-14NPT, quick connector (or as per customer’s request)
Gas outlet: M16×1.5, 3/8-19NPT (or as per customer’s request)
Solenoid valve open and close current: 80-200mA (or as per customer’s request)
Thermocouple connector: M8×1.0, M9×1.0 (or as per customer’s request)
Material: Aluminum alloy
Maximum gas inlet pressure: 50mbar
Gas outlet pressure: 3-18mbar
Operating temperature: 0℃-80℃
Applicable gas: LPG, natural gas
Applications: The gas control valve is widely applied in household gas heater, fireplace and gas fryer.

Jiali’s gas control thermostatic valve is mainly installed on the following appliances:
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