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Gas Control Thermostatic Valve (Gas Water Heater Thermostat, Gas Boiler Thermostat)

Gas control thermostatic valve is equipped with pilot burner, on-off thermostat, and knob for temperature setting. The thermostat is separated from the valve body, ensuring quick and reliable installation.

Gas control thermostatic valve is widely applied in household positive displacement water heater and boiler for temperature control.

Technical Parameters of the Gas Control Thermostatic Valve
Temperature control range: 30℃-75℃ (or as per customer’s request)
Gas inlet: 1/2-14NPT 
Gas outlet: 3/4-16UNF
Solenoid valve open and close current: 80-200mA (or as per customer’s request)
Thermocouple connector: M9×1.0 (or as per customer’s request)
Material: Aluminum alloy
Maximum gas inlet pressure: 50mbar
Gas outlet pressure: 3-18mbar
Operating temperature: 0℃-80℃
Applicable gas: LPG, natural gas

Jiali’s gas control thermostatic valve is mainly used in the following appliances:
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