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Ningbo Jiali Gas Appliance & Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, and have been from then on committed to the development and manufacture of gas appliance parts and accessories. Now we are proud to offer a wide range of parts for your gas appliances including thermocouple, pilot burner, ODS assembly, solenoid valve, gas control valve, etc. They are suitable for a variety of gas fire products gas stoves, gas ovens, gas heaters, gas refrigerator, gas water heaters, gas burners, etc. Besides, we could also provide custom products with different properties according to customers’ requirements.

Currently, Jiali’s manufacturing plant is well equipped with complete sets of automated assembly and welding equipment. They enable us to produce about 2million parts per year. Due to our expansion and introduction of more advanced equipment since 2015, the annual output is expected to reach up to 4million pieces. Our annual sales amount is 30 million RMB. Our gas control devices have been exported to many countries around the world and won great recognition among customers because of reasonable design, flexible start and close, reliable performance and ease of installation and use.

We have cooperated with multi scientific research units and form our own proprietary technology in gas appliance safety protection solutions. Our products have been CSA, CE and ISO9001 certified, ensuring consistency of technology, quality and service. We adopt ERP management system and enforce strict quality control in line with the standards of ISO9001. In addition, we have recruited a number of high tech talents and equipped complete state of the art R&D facilities. Through development and innovation, we have cultivated many experts in this industry and developed top class products.

Our pilot ODS comes with 4 invention patents and 1 utility model patent. It has passed CSA certification test and the fluctuation of CO2 content at the place lack of oxygen is less than 0.3%. Moreover, we have obtained 2 invention patents for our thermocouple and developed advanced production equipment and process for this product. Technology and quality control of thermostat valve and solenoid valve have also been greatly improved.

Since the inception, Jiali has been listening to the voice customers who desire low cost product to meet their budget but refused to compromise on quality, safety, and flexibility.

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Ningbo Jiali Gas Appliance & Science And Technology Co., Ltd.
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Ningbo Jiali Gas Appliance & Science And Technology Co., Ltd.