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Ningbo Jiali Gas Appliance & Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, and have been from then on committed to the development and manufacture of gas appliance parts and accessories. Now we are proud to offer a wide range of parts for your gas appliances including thermocouple, pilot burner, ODS assembly, solenoid valve, gas control valve, etc. They are suitable for a variety of gas fire products gas stoves, gas ovens, gas heaters, gas refrigerator, gas water heaters, gas burners, etc. Besides, we could also provide custom products with different properties according to customers’ requirements.

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Gas furnace thermocouple is usually used with electromagnetic valve to form a flameout production device for gas appliances. The thermal couple is a flame sensor capable of providing micro electric power and the solenoid valve is a control component.

C series Gas Furnace Thermocouple

The C series gas furnace thermocouple supplied by Jiali employs general wires such as silk covered wire which enhances dielectric strength and reduces surface temperature. It is mainly applied in oven and furnace for the purpose of improving safety in use.

T series Gas Furnace Thermocouple

The conductor of our T series gas furnace thermocouple is copper tube which provides small internal resistance. This type k thermocouple is more flexible and durable, and features wider applications.

SC series Gas Furnace Thermocouple

The SC series gas furnace thermocouple set comes with double ends for flame sensing and applies general wires. Compared with common thermal couples, the gas appliance part features relatively complex process, higher demand and more strict assembly.

R series Gas Furnace Thermocouple

As a semi-finished product, the R series gas furnace thermocouple features low cost. Under the premise of same quality, this type of thermal sensor, especially used as gas stove part boasts lower price other others. In addition, customers can process it by themselves.

At Jiali, as a prominent gas appliance parts supplier, we offer a wide range of gas safety electromagnetic valves for perfect gas controls. They are connected to a thermocouple to serve as a thermocouple tester. According to different connection methods to the thermocouple, our electromagnetic valve is divided into push in, flange and screw types.

RDQP Gas Safety Electromagnetic Valve RDFH Electromagnetic Gas Safety Shut Off Valve RDLP Electromagnetic Gas Safety Valve

Gas control thermostatic valve is the key part used in heating system for adjusting and controlling flow. Users can regulate and set temperature to reach a desired indoor temperature and keep it constant. This avoids imbalanced water flow in vertical pipe and uneven temperature in a single pipe system.

Gas Control Thermostatic Valve (Gas Fireplace Thermostat, Gas Stove Thermostat)

Gas control thermostatic valve features single knob control for turning burner on or off and setting temperature. It is designed with flame-out protection device, restart self locking unit, on-off thermostat, pressure regulator and flow regulating device.

Gas Control Thermostatic Valve (Gas Water Heater Thermostat, Gas Boiler Thermostat)

Gas control thermostatic valve is equipped with pilot burner, on-off thermostat, and knob for temperature setting. The thermostat is separated from the valve body, ensuring quick and reliable installation.

ODS, short for oxygen depletion system, is a pilot assembly used for gas fire safety. It is mainly composed of thermocouple, ignition system, pilot flame burner, gas valve, etc. The ODS pilot assembly is mainly used for gas heater which is fueled by natural gas and LPG.

A gas pilot burner assembly is a thermoelectric safety device used in a standing pilot system. Composed of thermocouple, igniter and pilot burner, it is used for ignition protection and flameout protection purposes.

Gas Stove Igniter Brass Gas Nozzle Copper Gas Tube Gas Burner Gas Stove Knobs